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How To Play

Contestants must choose who they think the winning team will be for each series in round 1 only (8 total), and must also guess the final score of each series in that round (4-0, 4-1, 4-2, or 4-3). Each contestant must also predict which team they think will win the Cup along with their first round submission. This is a one-time pick which acts as a wildcard in order to obtain extra points. Predicting the correct Cup winner is worth 10 points. (see points table below)

Each contestant must then submit their picks via email to info@hockeyplayoffchallenge.com.

After the 1st round of the playoffs has ended (without predicting the Cup winner again), each contestant must then submit their picks for the next round (by again picking the team who they think will win each series and predicting each series score), and so on and so forth.

In Round 4 only, each contestant will submit the TOTAL amount of goals they think will be scored between BOTH teams playing for the Cup for the entire series. This is a one-time only pick which serves as a tie-breaker after the competition has ended.

The amount of points awarded for correctly picking a "winning team" and "series score" increase proportionally with each round due to the decreasing number of series played.

If a player correctly predicts the winning team in a series, they will receive the amount of "winning team" points designated for that round. If a player picks the correct series score (e.g., 4-2 or "in 6") of a series, they will also receive the "series score" points designated for that round.

In rounds 1, 2 and 3, a contestant can score a total of 16 points (per round) for picking the correct team(s) and a total of 8 points (per round) for picking the correct series score(s). In other words, 24 points is the maximum amount of points you can score per round, for rounds 1-3.

The 1st Round "Cup Winning Team" pick is worth a total of 10 points. The points awarded in Round 4 are; 12 points for the winning team, and 6 points for the series score. This allows for a possible total score of 100 points.

If 2 or more players are tied for any position at the end of the tournament, the 1st tiebreaker will be the difference in the total amount of predicted team pics. The 2nd tiebreaker will be the total amount of series score predictions. The 3rd tiebreaker (if necessary) will be the closest prediction of TOTAL goals scored between BOTH teams playing for the Cup in the entire series (This pick will be requested before the start of the 4th and final round of the playoffs).

If the final tie-breaker between two or more players comes down to total goals, the player closest to the total amount of goals wins.

If two players submit the same amount of total goals with their 4th Round pick, and they have a chance to tie after the Hockey Challenge is over, I will personally ask them to submit a second number of total goals to make sure that THERE ARE NO TIES.

Any participant who fails to submit any of their picks correctly before the posted deadlines will be immediately disqualified for that round. As mentioned above, all picks are to be sent via email to info@hockeyplayoffchallenge.com.

Prize Breakdown

First Place
Second Place
Third Place